HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY – Short Essay, May 10-13

Read the following section from “Lies My Teacher Told Me; Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong,” by James W. Loewen (2018):

High School Students hate history. When they list their favorite subjects, history invariably comes in last. Students consider history “the most irrelevant” of twenty-one subjects commonly taught in high school. Bor-r-ring is the adjective they apply to it. When students can, they avoid it, even though most students get higher grades in history than in math, science, or English. Even when they are forced to take classes in history, they repress what they learn, so every year or two another study decries what our seventeen-year-olds don’t know…Continue reading “HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY – Short Essay, May 10-13”

Pre-Columbian, Western Hemisphere before Europeans, May 8th and 9th

Indian nations before Columbus

Watch short videos

The Black Legend, Native Americans, and Spaniards – Crash Course US History

The Natives and the English – Crash Course US History #3

Write your own quiz

1. Write a 13 question Quiz, consisting of:

A. 4 multiple choice (at least 3 choices each),
B. 4 True/False,
C. 4 fill in the blank questions,
D. 1  essay question, calling for a short (1 page) essay

2. Provide an answer key for everything but the essay question. All questions must relate to the foregoing videos. OK to collaborate, but each student writes the assignment. These must be reasonable questions such as you would see on a real quiz at Miramar H.S.
3. Due at the end of THIS CLASS.   10 points.

In Class Assignment, JEOPARDY (April 29-30)

The In-Class assignment was the Jeopardy style review/game for the US History EOC Exam.

Make-up for credit if you missed this class: 

  • Write 20 Questions, with 20 Answers.
  • Use a style that could be used on the “Jeopardy” TV show — Answer is a short phrase or sentence.  Question is a word or two that begins with “what is…,” “who is…,” etc.
  • The subject matter of questions/answers can be anything covered on the EOC Exam, which is the entire US History course.
  • Look up “Jeopardy TV Show” on YouTube if you are unsure of the format of questions/answers they use.  Or speak to Mr. Truex, if you have any other questions about the assignment.


U.S. History Assignment: End of Course Exam Study Guide (Apr 25-26)

U.S. History End of Course (EOC) Exam Study Guide 1

ASSIGNMENT:  Work on End of Course (EOC) Exam Study Guide. Download EOC Study guide PDF file.

  • a)  Work on the Study Guide
  • b)  Study the Guide
  • c)  Prepare for the EOC on 5/3/2019
  • d)  Hand in Completed Study Guide AFTER the exam:  May 8 (blue) and May 9 (Red)
  • e)  Completed Study Guide counts 50 POINTS!


  1. Complete title of document on the top of page 1 is “Grade 11 U.S. History (including Advanced) End-of-Course Exam Study Guide”

E.O.C. Review Notes, session 1 (April 22, 2019)

End of Course (EOC) Exam is on May 3, 2019!


28TWENTY-EIGHT (28) — Number of questions that must be answered correctly in order to pass the History E.O.C.!


Continue reading “E.O.C. Review Notes, session 1 (April 22, 2019)”

Chapter 15 – The 1960’s (April 15-16)

Chapter 15 – The 1960’s

Do this assignment using only textbook and handout – NOT online research. You may work with other students.

  1. Read Handout, “Review Cards” (also in textbook, @ page 357)
  2. Read Florida “Keys” to Understanding, page 340
  3. VOCAB: Names and Terms You Should Know (Textbook, page 339); Do ANY 20 terms with short definition
  4. What Do You Know? – textbook, pg 361 – EVEN NUMBERS ONLY; Example: “2/B LBJ introduced the Great Society to reduce economic inequalities among Americans”

25 Points.