Lesson 1 on Aeronautical Engineering: Introduction, SUPPLEMENT (November 1)

This SUPPLEMENTAL assignment is for ONLY the students who have more than one engineering class with this teacher.

Please read the background information, and then proceed with the the numbered questions contained below.

Feel free to collaborate with up to two other students. However, each student should submit an individual paper (that is, do not submit multiple names on the same assignment).

Objectives: (1) To introduce students to the topic of aeronautical engineering;. (2) To practice collaborative learning;1 (3) To improve research skills–seeking appropriate sources for citation; (4) To improve writing skills in order to clearly express ideas. Neatness counts.

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  1. Collaborative learning is an educational approach to teaching and learning that involves groups of students working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product. According to Gerlach, “Collaborative learning is based on the idea that learning is a naturally social act in which the participants talk among themselves (Gerlach, 1994). It is through the talk that learning occurs.” Source: Collaborative Learning website,