Make-Up Work

  • Students may find all make-up work on this website, If there is no listing for an assignment(s) on the day of an absence, please speak to Mr. Truex directly.
  • All written Make Up work must be submitted according to the General Rules for Written Assignments.
  • In addition to the normal assignment heading with your name, class period, and current date, please include the following on the top of each page:
    1. The words, “MAKE UP;”
    2. The DATE the work was originally assigned
    3. The TITLE of the assignment
    4. The REASON the work was not submitted on time (for example, excused absence)
  • Unless otherwise noted, late submissions are marked off one letter grade (10%) if not submitted when due; and one additional letter grade (10%) for each additional class the assignment is late.
  • Pursuant to Broward School Board policy:
All make-up work must be submitted within two days, not including the day of  return, for each day of an absence. Previously assigned work is due the day of return. Under extenuating circumstances and at teacher’s discretion, additional time may be allowed.