LESSON 2: Introduction to Civil Engineering, Part 2 (October 12-15, 2018)

LESSON 2:   Introduction to Civil Engineering, Part 2

Context: This is part of a series of lessons introducing High School students to the field of civil engineering.

Objective: The objective of this lesson is for students to learn more about being a civil engineer.  What are the educational requirements.  What do civil engineers do?

Method: This assignment involves research and reporting. Follow this article and provide the information where requested. This is an INDIVIDUAL (not group) assignment. Please hand write your responses (not typed or printed) in sentence and paragraph (not outline) form. This assignment is due at the end of class. It can be accomplished within one class period, but you will need to work quickly.

This series on civil engineering is going to involve some independent research. Please get in the habit of looking for reliable sources of information on the Internet. Consider your sources. On a topic such as civil engineering, the websites of well known universities should qualify. Trade organizations are another source of information—recognizing those organizations may be promoting a particular point of view, depending on the goals of the group. A “Trade Organization’s” members are involved in a particular business or trade, such as retail and wholesale, fabrics, food stuff, transportation. [definition from businessdictionary.com]

Write the complete Internet address (URL) of the websites of three well known universities which provide information relating to the academic requirements for admission to their civil engineering program(s).  If possible list institutions to which you might consider applying for admission:

1. _____________________________

2. _____________________________

3. _____________________________

Write a short paper (not less than one page) on the topic of becoming and being a civil engineer. Make use of the URL’s you provided above. Feel free to consult other reliable sources as well. Write the URL of any sources you use in brackets, after the information cited.  At a minimum, include the following elements in your paper:

4. For one or more of the universities you referred to above, list the following information:

A.  What high school classes or studies are recommended;

B.  What high school GPA and standardized test scores are recommended for admission.  List any statistics/averages provided, even if not technically recommended or required.

C.  What majors/specialties are offered by the university, within the general area of “Civil Engineering.”

D.  Generally, what types of university classes are required for the major you listed.

E.  What are the other general requirements for receiving a university degree in this area?  For example, GPA?

F.  What advanced degrees are offered by the university in the general area of civil engineering?

5.  What licensing/certification is required to be a civil engineer in Florida?

6.  What additional ongoing educational requirements are there for existing civil engineers?

7.  Describe the day to day tasks performed by civil engineers.  If you feel this question is too broad, then narrow your answer to a civil engineer in a particular industry or specialty.