In Class Assignment, JEOPARDY (April 29-30)

The In-Class assignment was the Jeopardy style review/game for the US History EOC Exam.

Make-up for credit if you missed this class: 

  • Write 20 Questions, with 20 Answers.
  • Use a style that could be used on the “Jeopardy” TV show — Answer is a short phrase or sentence.  Question is a word or two that begins with “what is…,” “who is…,” etc.
  • The subject matter of questions/answers can be anything covered on the EOC Exam, which is the entire US History course.
  • Look up “Jeopardy TV Show” on YouTube if you are unsure of the format of questions/answers they use.  Or speak to Mr. Truex, if you have any other questions about the assignment.


U.S. History Assignment: End of Course Exam Study Guide (Apr 25-26)

U.S. History End of Course (EOC) Exam Study Guide 1

ASSIGNMENT:  Work on End of Course (EOC) Exam Study Guide. Download EOC Study guide PDF file.

  • a)  Work on the Study Guide
  • b)  Study the Guide
  • c)  Prepare for the EOC on 5/3/2019
  • d)  Hand in Completed Study Guide AFTER the exam:  May 8 (blue) and May 9 (Red)
  • e)  Completed Study Guide counts 50 POINTS!


  1. Complete title of document on the top of page 1 is “Grade 11 U.S. History (including Advanced) End-of-Course Exam Study Guide”

E.O.C. Review Notes, session 1 (April 22, 2019)

End of Course (EOC) Exam is on May 3, 2019!


28TWENTY-EIGHT (28) — Number of questions that must be answered correctly in order to pass the History E.O.C.!


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Chapter 15 – The 1960’s (April 15-16)

Chapter 15 – The 1960’s

Do this assignment using only textbook and handout – NOT online research. You may work with other students.

  1. Read Handout, “Review Cards” (also in textbook, @ page 357)
  2. Read Florida “Keys” to Understanding, page 340
  3. VOCAB: Names and Terms You Should Know (Textbook, page 339); Do ANY 20 terms with short definition
  4. What Do You Know? – textbook, pg 361 – EVEN NUMBERS ONLY; Example: “2/B LBJ introduced the Great Society to reduce economic inequalities among Americans”

25 Points.