E.O.C. Review Notes, session 1 (April 22, 2019)

End of Course (EOC) Exam is on May 3, 2019!


28TWENTY-EIGHT (28) — Number of questions that must be answered correctly in order to pass the History E.O.C.!



1860’s — Civil War and Reconstruction

Westward Expansion

1870’s — Westward Expansion

Railroads (opposed by Grangers)

1880’s — Industrial

Oil, coal, iron, and wood (timber)

1890’sImmigration and big business

3 E’s

+ Ellis Island
+ East Coast


+ Asians
+ Angel Island
+ West Coast

1900’s  — Imperialism

+ Hawaii, Alaska

1920’s — Roaring 20’s

+19th Amendment — women vote

1930’s – 40’s — Great Depression and the New Deal

1940’s — World War II

1950’s (to 1990’s) — Cold War

Both sides in the cold war held the weapons to destroy the world

1950’s Red Scare, Korean War, Vietnam conflict starts

1960’s –– Civil Rights Movement

1970’s — Watergate Scandal

Ronald Reagan

1980’s  — Reagan era

Five Steps to answering questions on the EOC:

  1. Read the title of the question
  2. Know the era (time period)
  3. Break it down — what stands out?
  4. Read the question
  5. Turn the answer choices into questions and/or use process of elimination