Warm Up Exercise, October 18-22, 2018 (with supplement)

Scholars and historians debate whether modern engineers and contractors could build an exact duplicate of the Great Pyramid of Giza (1) Give three reasons why such a project would be difficult or impossible today. ( 2) Give at least three reasons of materials and/or technology why ancient people couldn’t build a modern “Wonder” like the Empire State Building.

SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTION: Only do the supplement below if you are one of the three students who have two engineering classes. Otherwise, do not proceed.

The concept of a flying car has been around at least as long as the airplane.  Why is it we don’t have flying cars today for everyday transportation.  Is the reason an engineering problem or something else.  Explain your answer.

The ConVairCar, Model 118 flying car was not a hoax, as evidenced by this test flight in California in November 1947. Theodore P. Hall designed this creation for the Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Company. The one-hour demonstration flight ended early due to low fuel, an emergency landing that destroyed the car and damaged the plane’s wings.