Lesson 5 on Aeronautical Engineering: Videos on Paper Airplane Construction (November 14 and 15)

Watch the video clips as you answer the questions in the Assignment below.  You will need to watch the video clips in order to fill in the blanks.

Objectives: (1) To introduce students to the basic concepts of aviation, which will be illustrated through the construction of paper airplanes in subsequent lessons; and (2) To improve listening and note taking skills  while watching the videos in class.


Answer the following questions as you watch the video clips in class.  You do NOT have to copy the questions.  Just write the number and the word(s) that are used to correctly fill in the blanks.


CLIP 1: Minute Physics (Henry Reich)

1. Airplanes stay in the air because there is no net ___________ on them
2. Low pressure on the top of wing and high pressure on the bottom results in ___________ .

CLIP 2: GDFS clip, The Aerodynamics of Flight

3. The 4 forces that act on an airplane while in flight during are
(a) ___________
(b) ___________
(c) ___________
(d) ___________
4. An airplane wing is shaped like an ___________
5. On an airplane, Payload + fuel + empty weight = ___________
6. In order for an airplane to take off, lift must be more than ___________.

CLIP 3: Wes Fryer, paper airplane video

7. In order to reduce the ___________, make the wing surface smaller.
8. In order to make a plane fly straight, make sure it is ___________.
9. Throwing a paper airplane forward (instead of just dropping it) shows ___________,

CLIP 4: Paper airplane between two fans

10. Placing two fans blowing at each other cancels out the flow of air over the paper airplane wings and creates ___________

CLIP 5: eHow, with Walter Unglaub, Physicist

11. Shape affects the ___________ of a paper airplane
12. The force of ___________  keeps the paper airplane moving forward
13. A small ___________ on the paper air plane results in less lift

CLIP 6: Jamie & Adam Tested, With John Collins, “the Paper Airplane Guy.”
14. A great [paper airplane] design starts with great ___________.
15. ___________paper was used because it is larger and heavier than US letter sized paper
16. Using a dihedral angle on the wings makes the paper airplane more ___________.
17. The tape added to the world record holding paper airplane adds ___________.


Each person complete this section and hand in as part of today’s assignment. Your team should collaborate, so each team member’s answer should be similar

18. Each team shall have three members. Who are your other team members?
19. Explain how the forces of thrust, drag, weight and lift are important in paper airplane construction.
20. What strategies will your team use to best use thrust, drag, weight and lift to maximize the distance your paper airplane will cover (example: wing size or surface area)?