Lesson 5 on Aeronautical Engineering: Videos on Paper Airplane Construction — SUPPLEMENT (November 15)

This SUPPLEMENTAL assignment is for ONLY the students who have more than one engineering class with this teacher.

Objectives: (1) To introduce students to the basic concepts of aviation, which will be illustrated through the construction of paper airplanes in subsequent lessons; and (2) To improve listening and note taking skills  while watching the videos in class.

You do not have to watch the video clips again.

This lesson series is going to conclude with a competition to determine which team’s paper airplane will travel the farthest. 

Write a draft set of rules for this competition.  Use whatever format seems most reasonable to you; however, the rules should be fair and easy to understand. 

You may either hand write your assignment and submit it to the teacher; or you may email it to the teacher’s school email address in a reasonable format.

Work as a team with the other two students who have two engineering classes with this teacher.