Lesson 2: An Engineering Introduction to Machines–ALTERNATE (December 7 & 10)


On this assignment, work individually.  Each person submits his own, individual answers.

Prepare a 14 question quiz, based on the underlying material  in Lessons 1 and 2; that is:

  • Lesson 1:  An Engineering: Introduction to Machines–Levers (December 5 & 6)
  • Lesson 2: An Engineering Introduction to Machines–Wheel and Axle (December 7 & 10)

All questions must be:

  1. Reasonable;
  2. Not too easy, and not too hard;
  3. Answered, based on the material in these two lessons.  You may include other information from your additional research; so long as it closely related to the material on these lessons, and it is easily obtainable through an online search.
  4. A question such as you would expect from an actual teacher at Western High School.

The types of questions should be

  • 4 each of True/False;
  • 4 each of fill in the blank with one or two words;
  • 4 Multiple choice; Each multiple choice at least A through D.  For one of them, the approved solution (correct answer) must be “all of the above” or  “none of the above;
  • 2 prompts for a short essay (minimum 1/2 page) that call for opinion(s) based on key information contained in the video, without doing any additional research.

PROVIDE  ANSWERS, for all but the essays, in [brackets] after each question