Lesson 3 on Civil Engineering: Building Bridges (SUPPLEMENT, October 17)

Objectives(1) To gain a working knowledge of some of the primary types of modern bridges designed by civil engineers; (2) to improve research skills, including discernment of appropriate professional and academic sources; and (3) to improve writing skills in order to clearly express ideas.  Neatness counts.

This supplemental assignment is intended only for the students who are currently enrolled in two engineering classes.

Please read the entire assignment below, before beginning the assignment.  Write your answers neatly and legibly.

Here are some examples of a few famous bridges:

(1)  The Stone Arch Bridge, built by railroad tycoon James J. Hill in 1883.  This iconic structure is the oldest bridge in Minneapolis.

(2) The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.

Golden Gate Bridge

(3) The George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge is a four-lane bridge crossing the Ohio River between Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana.

(4)  Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland.

(1-4)  Research each of the four (4) bridges. For each of these bridges please write the number and name of the bridge. Also,

(A) Provide a short history of each bridge.  When was it built?  What other bridge types were considered at this location? Why was it finally decided to use this bridge type. List your sources in brackets. EXAMPLE: [http://www.dailycivil.com/types-of-bridges/];
(B)  List and describe any special features of this design.
(C)  List and describe the materials used in it.
(D)  Based on your knowledge of bridge designs, what other bridge types could have (should have) been considered at this location?  Comment on EACH one of the other bridge types, from the original Lesson 3, as to its suitability.
(E)  How long should this bridge last, assuming normal maintenance?
(F) What aesthetic factors were built into this design, apart from pure function?  What does the “look” of this bridge have to do with it?