Lesson 3 on Civil Engineering: Building Bridges (October 16-17)

Objectives(1) To gain a working knowledge of some of the primary types of modern bridges designed by civil engineers; (2) to improve research skills, including discernment of appropriate professional and academic sources; and (3) to improve writing skills in order to clearly express ideas.  Neatness counts.

Please read the entire assignment below, before beginning the assignment.  Write your answers neatly and legibly.

Definition:  A bridge is a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle, such as a river.1

There are different ways to categorize bridges.  They can be described according to materials, or function.  Another way to describe types of bridges is by design features.  For example:

  1. Beam Bridge
  2. Arch Bridge
  3. Cantilever Bridge
  4. Suspension bridge
  5. Cable-stayed Bridge
  6. Truss Bridge

(1-6)  Research each of the above six (six) types of bridges.  For each of these bridge types, please write the number and name of the bridge style.  Also,

(A) Draw a simple drawing of each bridge type.  Feel free to borrow from this drawing:

(B)  Provide a short definition for each type of bridge.  List your sources in brackets.  EXAMPLE:  [http://www.dailycivil.com/types-of-bridges/];
(C)  Name the key parts/components of each type of bridge.  List your sources in brackets;  Label these parts/components on your drawing of each bridge type.
(D)  Explain both the pro’s and con’s of each type of bridge;
(E)  In what situations would you be likely to recommend using this type of bridge.
(E) In what situations would NOT recommend using this type of bridge.
(F) Explain how the weight on the bridge deck is distributed to the other bridge components.    List your sources in brackets.

EXAMPLE for an ARCH BRIDGE:  An arch bridge supports loads by distributing compression across and down the arch. The structure is always pushing in on itself. [https://bridgemastersinc.com/engineering-bridges-handle-stress/]

(G) Provide the names/locations of at least three (3) examples of this type of bridge.  Explain in a sentence or two, why this type of bridge was selected for this location/application.   List your sources in brackets.
(H) Name any subcategories of bridge within the main type.  What are the distinguishing characteristics of each subcategory?  List your sources in brackets.

  1. https://www.merriam-webster.