Warm Up Exercise, November 20 & 26, 2018 (with supplement)

IMPORTANT:  please read and follow BOTH the  concise General Rules for Written Assignments and Rules for Warm Up Exercises in order to receive credit for this warm up exercise.

SHORT ESSAY:  Engineers, and most other professions, have professional standards and civil statutes they must obey. Violation of some of these rules may involve criminal sanctions or loss of a license, even if the engineer does not agree with that rule.   (1)  Please discuss the importance of engineers following rules, in general.  (2) That is, why is it important to follow rules–even if you don’t understand or agree with the rule?   (3) What, if any, are the exceptions?

SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTION: Only do the supplement below if you are one of the three students who have two engineering classes. Otherwise, do not proceed.

SUPPLEMENTAL SHORT ESSAY:   Many rules and laws require specific knowledge or intent in order to be an infraction. However, other rules do not require knowledge of breaking the rule in order to be punishable. (1) Is it fair to punish someone with a consequence, if they don’t understand a rule?  (2) What, if any, are the exceptions?