Lesson 7 on Aeronautical Engineering: Paper Airplane Design (November 27 & 28)

Objectives: (1) To introduce students to the basic concepts of aviation, which will be illustrated through the construction of paper airplanes; and (2) to help students learn to follow instructions in approaching assignments.


  1. Each team will designate a “pilot” (person who throws the paper airplane) and a “Secretary” (takes notes) for testing purposes.
  2. Teams will use the “Test Flight Worksheet”  (See Example) provided by the teacher:
    • Teams will present a completed form to be initialed by the teacher before testing.
    • One form per team.
    • Write the name of each test plane somewhere on the plane itself.
  3. Each paper Airplane may be tested a maximum of 3 throws.
  4. Only test airplanes on color paper provided by the teacher may be used.
  5. Make notes AFTER the test on the Test Flight Worksheet — use the “performance” and “other” boxes.”
  6. All five (5) test planes must be initialed and tested for the team members to receive credit on this assignment.
  7. Be polite.