Warm Up Exercise, November 27 & 28 (with supplement)

IMPORTANT: please read and follow BOTH the concise General Rules for Written Assignments and Rules for Warm Up Exercises in order to receive credit for this warm up exercise.

WRITE THE FOLLOWING on  the top of your warm up page, after you have read the two items listed above:
(1)  I read and understand the “General Rules for Written Assignments”
(2) I read and understand the “Rules for Warm Up Exercises”
SHORT ESSAY:   Don’t the basic principles of thrust, drag, weight, and lift seem pretty simple?  Why did it take until the beginning of the 20th Century for a working airplane to be built?  Do you think in another 100 years engineering students will be marveling at the “simple” inventions we haven’t  built yet?  Explain your answer.

SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTION: Only do the supplement below if you are one of the three students who have two engineering classes. Otherwise, do not proceed.

SUPPLEMENTAL SHORT ESSAY:  Is the aviation concept of “Lift” more like magic or more like science, for most people in this country?  That is, could they provide a reasonably informed explanation of how it works?  Would your answer be the same if the question was applied to the students in this class?  Explain the reasons for your opinions in this matter.